March 11, 2016

WOL Widget

“WOL Widget is a very simple and straightforward tool to power on your computers on your local network (LAN). You don’t even need to open the app, as it’s right there as a widget in the Notification Center (Today View), with a quick glance you know wether a computer/host is On or Off, and just a tap to wake it up!”


  • Wake up & monitor your computers right from Notification Center..
  • Add and edit your hosts easily..
  • Straightforward configuration of your hosts
  • Control the ping timeout value for different network conditions and/or locations


WOL Widget Features

  • – Easily monitor and wake up your computers/hosts right from the Notification Center.
  • – Add/Delete/Edit/Reorder up to 25 computers/hosts.
  • – Choose which computers/hosts to be visible on the widget.
  • – Monitor the status of your computers/hosts with just a glance.
  • – Can be used just as a monitoring tool for remote servers, websites, etc.
  • – Resolve local computers/hosts IP Addresses to MAC Addresses easily.
  • – Adjustable ‘Ping Timeout’ in case you need to monitor some remote hosts on the Internet.
  • – Universal app so it works on all your iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches models.
  • – Fully compatible with iOS 9 new multitasking features.



  • – The computer(s) you need to wake up must be connected to the local network through an ethernet cable. Waking up wireless computers will simply not work.
  • – Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch must be on the same local network where the computer(s) you need to wake up. Although it’s possible to make it work over the Internet, advanced configuration is required on your connection router/modem.
  • – The computer(s)’s motherboard or LAN/Ethernet card must support WOL (Wake On LAN) or Magic Packet technologies.
  • – There’s a limit on how many computers/hosts that can be visible on the widget (Notification Center/Today view). This’s a restriction enforced by iOS, and it varies depending on the device model (iPads will generally view more than iPhones for example), and also on device’s orientation (Portrait will display more).


Other Details

Device Requirements:

  • – iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (Universal App).
  • – Support for latest iPhone and iPad models (iPhone 6/6+)
  • – Requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

Supported Languages:

US English.


Pricing and Availability:

WOL Widget is $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.